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How many consulting firms truly offer you options?

Looking for options between staffing and outsourcing?

Need a collaborative partner and solution?


The demands of the laboratory have continued to increase and management is constantly looking for new and innovative solutions for streamlining headcount, improving processes, and driving greater success. You may have tried staffing solutions, but ran into IRS guidelines. You may have tried outsourcing, but the expense, different practices and processes as well as the IP security concerned you. Cogent Scientific offers solutions that you fit your specific needs and our insourcing model is the innovative approach you are looking for to solve your challenges. Our scientific solutions, provide you the ability to configure a program to your specific needs.  Learn more about our scientific solutions.

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Ready to learn how | Insourced Scientific Solutions solve your workload challenges?

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Your Insourcing Partner

In this model, Cogent colocates scientists within your facilities. Cogent is responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, providing benefits, and managing the insourced team. Cogent assigns a leadership team and co-develops a workflow with you to ensure the tasks are conducted with efficiency, accuracy, safety, and quality. This solution is not temporary staffing: our team provides laboratory services that expand your capabilities similar to the way you use outsourced services, but embedded within your facility working alongside your scientists.

Strategic Scientific Consulting