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Ancillary Scientific Needs


Supporting the scientific needs of every organization is a near impossibility because your situation is not a one size fits all approach. We have the flexibility to work with you across a wide array of solutions. In addition to our insourcing model, we provide clients with strategic consulting as well as pure recruiting based on their individual needs.

See our ancillary scientific offerings below. If you don’t see a perfect match with your needs, let us know and we can work with you to achieve your goals.

From Strategic Consulting to Recruiting and more, Cogent Scientific is here to help.

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Cogent Scientific supports all of your scientific needs.

See how we can help below.


Scientific Consulting

Strategic Business Planning

The successful development and growth of a business entails selecting and making the right decisions. We use our combined years of entrepreneurial experience as a basis to our strategic business planning services. We have developed a process and planning templates to access and project a realistic vision for the future of the client organization.

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Business Development

We have helped several emerging technology-based companies on their next step of evolution. In our business development service, we work with the management team to plan that progression and define the path to increase enterprise value as it refers to customers, markets, and relationships. We often target an exit strategy as well.

Recruiting for Scientific
Insourced CRO

Scientific Consultation

Life science is our business. We are often asked to offer consultation on projects that carry a scientific component. These projects vary from supporting software projects for life science to evaluating potential investments in a scientific company.

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Ready to learn how | Insourced Scientific Solutions solve your workload challenges?

Check out our client case study.


Recruiting for Scientific

Our recruiting team provides a variety of options for your business, depending upon your specific needs. Because we specialize in STEM recruiting, we can save you time, frustration and money by utilizing a selection of workforce solutions, including:
• Project Services (Fixed Duration Employment Services)
• Direct Hire

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Project Services (Fixed Duration Employment Services)

Sometimes your hiring needs do not fit into a “direct hire” or “temporary worker” box. Hiring highly specialized candidates for termed projects is difficult.

The thought of hiring someone just to terminate their employment 18 months later isn’t appealing to anyone, especially the employee. Hiring a temporary employee to work on a highly sensitive or complex project is equally as unpleasant. As an alternative, call Cogent Scientific for staffing solutions for your important projects. Our employees are not contingent workers. They are full-time, fully benefitted Cogent Scientific employees with the technical experience and training needed to support your important projects.

Staffing your project with full-time employees, reduces turnover and ensures on-time project completion and data integrity. The average tenure of our Project Services employees is 34 months. When your project is over, there is still work for them to do at Cogent.

Scientific Insourcing for CROs


Scientific Insourcing for CROs

Do you have a full time position to fill? Recruiting the right candidate for your organization is tedious and time consuming, taking resources away from core capabilities. Why spin your wheels writing job descriptions, placing ads, sourcing and interviewing when someone else can do it for you?

Our direct hire recruiting team specializes in Laboratory, Engineering, IT and Executive Level recruiting across many industries including Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Food & Beverage, Automotive and Chemical, just to name a few.

We will source, screen and pre-interview candidates based on your qualifications. We will then send only the most qualified candidates to you. No more weeding through dozens of random, unqualified resumes. Once you identify a candidate of interest, our team coordinates both phone and on-site interview, travel arrangements, paperwork and other pre-hire related activities.

At Cogent, recruiting is at the center of what we do. We can help you find the right candidate, guaranteed!